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Preventive care can not only help you detect diseases in their early stages; it can help prevent some diseases altogether. Dr. Adel Zakhary strives to provide quality preventive care services for patients in Colleyville, Texas. For regular checkups, screenings, diagnostic testing, treatments, and more, Dr. Zakhary and his friendly medical team are here to help. Be proactive with your healthcare: Call the A-Z Internal Medicine team or click to book online.

Preventive Care Q & A

What is preventive care?

Preventive care helps you live a long and healthy life by aiming to detect and prevent chronic disease. Preventive care services can significantly reduce the risk of chronic disease by allowing Dr. Zakhary to identify problems before you notice any symptoms.

Dr. Zakhary also educates you on how to implement healthy lifestyle changes and minimize any contributing environmental factors.

Why should I get a preventive care screening?

Dr. Zakhary provides numerous preventive screenings that can find early signs of severe chronic health conditions. Typical preventive screenings include:

  • Thyroid panel
  • Blood pressure test
  • Kidney and liver function test
  • Diabetes and blood sugar check
  • Obesity screening and counseling
  • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Cardiac lipid profile to check cardiovascular health

The sooner that Dr. Zakhary identifies specific health complications, the sooner treatment can begin, and the better your chances of recovery and halting disease progression.

Preventive care is an investment in the future of your health that enables you to take steps now to avoid complications later.

What are the benefits of preventive care?

Engaging in preventive care services throughout your life offers many benefits and can help to keep you healthy and maintain that health and vitality into your later years.

While chronic diseases can afflict people of any age, they’re more common in the aging population. According to the National Council on Aging, around 80% of older adults have a chronic disease.

Many chronic diseases can be averted if adequate medical preventive care and healthy lifestyle choices are combined. Some of these diseases include cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, and even certain infectious diseases.

Chronic health conditions can have a substantial negative impact on your quality of life and get in the way of your daily activities. Preventive care keeps these diseases at bay and allows Dr. Zakhary the chance to monitor your health, pinpoint problem areas, and devise customized treatment plans.

Advances in medical research and technology allow for better, more precise, and more accurate testing, screening, and treatment methods than ever before.

Dr. Zakhary provides individualized preventive care in his comfortable Colleyville, Texas, office. Call or book online.