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Maintain your health by visiting A-Z Internal Medicine in Colleyville, Texas for annual physical exams. At the practice, patients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area can receive physical health assessments and screenings from Dr. Zakhary, a leading internal medicine practitioner.

Physical Exam Q & A

What Happens During a Physical Exam?

One of the best ways to ensure that you are healthy and prevent medical conditions from becoming serious is to visit the doctor annually for a physical exam. For most patients the exam will follow a routine and will begin with collecting the person’s medical history. The doctor will also evaluate the person for signs of any medical condition or illness. These exams help to prevent conditions from worsening and ensure that treatment can begin in the earliest stage if a condition is present. When a disease is discovered early on it is usually much easier to treat. Vital signs will usually be taken to help the doctor get a picture of your overall health and include blood pressure, breathing levels, heart rate, and temperature. 

What Types of Screenings Are Required for Adults?

When people age, their bodies change and additional tests will be needed to ensure that all aspects of the body are functioning properly. Examples include:

  • Colorectal cancer screenings implemented every 5-10 years starting at age 50
  • Prostate cancer screening start at age 40 to 50


For men tests also include:

  • At age 45 to 50 a testicular exam at the annual physical exam
  • Depending on risk factors, prostate cancer screenings start at age 40 to 50


For women tests also include:

  • Mammograms performed every year starting at age 50

How Will I Know Which Preventative Tests I Need? 

All necessary tests and screenings will be reviewed with each patient by the doctor. When patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow the doctor’s recommendations, it can help to ensure that their health is not compromised.


Insurances We Accept

We accept Medicare and most commerical forms of insurance. For any insurance related questions, please call our office.