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Immigration Physical Examination

Dr. Zakhary offers immigration physical examinations. Please call today to schedule your appointment.

Immigration Physical Examination


This exam is only performed by a designated Civil Surgeon like Dr. Adel Zakhary.   

The doctor will complete and seal Form I-693 to be presented to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  

What you need to bring to your immigration physical:  

  1. A current form I-693 completing part 1 to part 3 with your information (do NOT date). Forms can be obtained HERE.
  2. A valid government picture ID such as a driver’s license or passport.  
  3. A copy of your vaccination records.  

What does the immigration physical exam cost cover? 

  1. Physician fees which include:  
    • Physical exam  
    • Ordering and interpreting test results  
    • Completing the Civil Surgeon part of form I-693, and providing you a sealed copy  
    • Providing copies of your lab results and vaccination record  
  2. Mandatory laboratory tests which include:  
    • TB test (Quantiferon)  
    • Syphilis test (RPR)  
    • Gonorrhea test 
  3. Additional charges may be needed if:  
    • Vaccinations are required and/or  
    • Additional services are needed depending on test outcomes.   


We also speak Spanish and Arabic. Call us to schedule your immigration physical examination today.

Insurances We Accept

We accept Medicare and most commerical forms of insurance. For any insurance related questions, please call our office. 


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