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Maintaining hormonal balance throughout the stages of life is essential. Dr. Zakhary provides patients in and around Colleyville and the Fort Worth areas with hormone level testing and treatment options to ensure they feel their best.

Hormonal Balancing Q & A

How Do Hormones Affect Us?

Nearly every aspect of our physical and mental health is affected by our hormones, for example, our sleep cycles, metabolism, digestion, growth, and sexual and productive function. Hormones control how our bodies operate and an imbalance can cause numerous issues. When even a single hormone is out of balance it can affect a person's mental, emotional, and physical health. Menopause, specifically, causes numerous noticeable changes for older women. Menopause can cause drastic mood fluctuations, hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia. Thyroid hormone imbalances can cause more severe medical issues, which should be addressed right away.

How is Hormone Balance Tested?

To test the balance of a person’s hormones the doctor may use a variety of tests. Which one is used will depend on the person’s issues or symptoms. Common tests include:

  • Saliva Testing- typically the most accurate test employed to check if a patient’s hormones are out of balance.
  • Serum or Blood Testing

How is a Hormone Imbalance Treated?

Treatments will vary based on what the cause of the hormonal imbalance is. Frequently, bioidentical hormone replacement will be suggested. If you are dealing with any symptoms related to hair loss, fatigue, low labido, insomnia, weight gain, or increased acne, the office can assist you with identifying the cause of the imbalance. Once the cause is determined, a regimen change or medication can be prescribed to rectify the imbalance.

Insurances We Accept

We accept Medicare and most commerical forms of insurance. For any insurance related questions, please call our office.