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Adel Zakhary, MD

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Ancillary Services Specialist

Please see below a list of the main diagnostic testings and procedures done in the office besides the day-to-day general medical care.

Ancillary Services

  1. Allergy testing and treatments  
  2. Home sleep study  
  3. Snoring and Sleep apnea treatment  
  4. Echocardiogram and vascular ultrasound  
  5. EKG  
  6. Spirometry (Lung functions study)  
  7. Urodynamic testing (for urinary incontinence)  
  8. Neuropathy testing and treatment  
  9. Balance testing  
  10. Testosterone replacement and erectile dysfunction treatment  
  11. Diabetic retinopathy screening  
  12. Laser cosmetic procedures and Botox┬« cosmetic 

Insurances We Accept

We accept Medicare and most commerical forms of insurance. For any insurance related questions, please call our office. 


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