What is the difference between an insurance covered physical and the A-Z Premier Wellness program?

A-Z Premier Wellness program is 100+ minutes long and includes a comprehensive exam, extensive blood testing, advance diagnostic and screening studies. All these are not typically covered or included in a routine physical. The results of which will be used to create a personalized plan for the entire year.


Can I use my FSA or HAS to pay for my membership fee?

We will provide you with a statement of services to present to your FSA or HSA provider for reimbursement. The fee cannot be paid using an FSA card. Please check with your FSA or HAS provider as not all will reimburse for concierge memberships.


How do I pay my annual fee?

You may pay the membership fee annually, semiannually or quarterly. You can use a major credit card or check or set up auto drafts through a bank account.


Can I cancel anytime and get a refund?

Memberships are issued for one-year terms. If the annual program was not performed, you may be eligible to receive a prorated refund. If the annual program was performed, then a refund is not possible and any unpaid balance of the annual fee remains your responsibility.


Is my membership fee tax deductible?

Please speak to a qualified tax advisor for details at this may vary.


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